Jack Daniel's single Barrel presents Tin Pan Alley

Mon 25th Sep

We are delighted to announce Jack Daniel's sponsored music night.

Tin Pan Alley connotes a world from the past – the most dominant and enlightened strains of American music of the early part of the 20th century – jazz, blues and American popular song. The Tin Pan Band from New York play their unique take on Dixieland – effortless, wondrous and festive, feeling much like, as the band describes themselves, Ray Charles and Tom Waits at a Bourbon Street Parade.

Comprised of Jesse Selengut on trumpet, lead vocals and compositions, Clifton Hyde on guitar and hollerin’, Stefan Zeniuk on reeds and boy soprano vocals, and Peter “Baby Hands” Maness on bass and some singin’, Tin Pan evokes everything from Fats Waller and Louis Armstrong to Irving Berlin and Hoagy Carmichael.

We will be serving a special cocktail menu at reduced prices thanks to the support of the brand.